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The Leibowitz Law Group is a boutique firm specializing in bankruptcy law. The firm's leader, Gary Leibowitz, has been practicing bankruptcy law for more than 45 years. We are efficient, yet thorough, and pride ourselves on being available to our clients. We are often accessible after hours and on weekends via email in addition to our regular office hours. We will take care of your worries so that you don't have to.

Know Your Bankruptcy Options

Our firm in Long Beach, CA has extensive experience in representing both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 debtors throughout the entire bankruptcy proceeding.

For a debtor in California, filing for bankruptcy can stop:

We provide in-depth counseling to our clients, taking their financial circumstances and their personal goals into account. We prepare the debtors' bankruptcy petitions and schedules and represent them at their required meeting(s) with the Trustee.

Protecting Creditors' Rights in Long Beach, CA

Our expertise extends beyond the debtor side of bankruptcy. For 20 years, Mr. Leibowitz was a senior partner in a firm that primarily performed creditor representation. His firm's key clients included Fortune 500 companies and Fortune 100 companies as well as many other national and regional banks and retail organizations. Mr. Leibowitz has successfully resolved over 10,000 non-dischargeability lawsuits on behalf of creditors.

If you are a creditor, we can help you prevent a debtor from receiving a discharge on the debt that is owed to you. We can also help you to lift the automatic stay so that you can repossess your collateral.

If someone has filed for bankruptcy against you, call our office today at (888) 527-7853 for a case consultation on your rights as a creditor.

How We Handle Bankruptcy Cases

For many people, personal bankruptcies, are straightforward and simple procedures. However, unlike many bankruptcy firms, our Long Beach office is also highly adept at defending debtors who sometimes find themselves in more complicated circumstances. Many personal bankruptcy firms do not defend these actions, and their clients must go through the trouble of hiring another attorney. Our clients always deal with an attorney who is evaluating their unique circumstances.

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Why Choose Leibowitz
Law Group?

Our bankruptcy law practice in Long Beach combines experience and tenacity with dedication and compassion. We maintain close communication with our clients by being readily available in person, by telephone, by fax, and by email. Moreover, our ability to perform a large portion of our services without requiring our clients to physically travel to our office allows us to keep our fees and overhead down so we can bill our clients at extremely reasonable rates.

By providing a thorough analysis of our clients' financial situations, we enable them to give full disclosure in their bankruptcy filing, which often anticipates and answers the Trustee's questions before they are even asked. This comprehensive analysis at the outset helps make the process as easy and painless as possible.

  • Over 45 Years' Collective Experience
  • Free Initial Evaluations
  • Lead Counsel Rated Attorney
  • Work Directly with an Attorney
  • We Value Honesty & Integrity
  • Attorney Leibowitz has Handled Cases for Fortune 500 Companies Nationwide

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