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Gary Leibowitz, Retired

Retired Founding Attorney

Gary has more than 30 years of experience in litigation cases. His background in law consists of creditor and debtor representation, and personal injury. 20 years ago, he decided to change up his approach to law by opening up his own law firm, Leibowitz Law Group, so he can provide each of his clients with the individual attention they needed to work towards a successful result. He has been a practicing attorney since 1980 after graduating from Western State University in Irvine, California.

Gary Leibowitz is a nationally recognized leader in aspects of creditor and debtor bankruptcy law. From 1980 to 1999 he was a managing senior partner of Leibowitz and Constantino. In 2000, Mr. Leibowitz decided to take a more personal approach to the practice of law. He set up his own small practice in order to devote his time to giving his clients the personal attention they deserved. In June 2018, he retired from the practice of law and passed the firm on to his long-time associate, Jacqueline Serrao.